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About Us

Located in Pensacola, Florida, Phoenix Coatings provides Commercial, Industrial & Institutional restoration services.

Our company’s success has been built upon our reputation for expertise, professionalism and customer satisfaction. As a Certified General Contractor in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi, we have performed a variety of projects over the past two decades in the areas of concrete restoration, building reconstruction, historical restoration, waterproofing and coatings.

The company chose the name “Phoenix” because we wanted to restrict our services to a specialized market within the construction industry. While our management team put together for this venture had been involved in other organizations which operated in the full gamut of construction services, we choose to restrict our main thrust to the restoration of problems as they relate to the exterior cladding and structural components of a building or plant facility. As we moved forward in time, we successfully added the entire building restoration to our portfolio.

In Egyptian mythology the phoenix was believed to ignite and become consumed by fire at the end of its lifecycle. From the mythical bird's ashes would arise a more beautiful creature with a renewed youthful appearance and power. In performing our work on a client’s property, we endeavor to make the facility better and stronger than ever.

In the wake of devastation wrought  by multiple hurricanes over the past two decades, Phoenix has been called upon by an extensive list of prior clients to answer the unique call of complete facility restoration. As a result, many properties have realized the potential of the Phoenix renewal process.

When the sun rose on the morning of September 16, 2004 the residents of Escambia County, Florida witnessed the horrific and unimaginable damage wreaked upon our community during the pre-dawn darkness by “Ivan the Terrible”.  Especially hard hit were the properties located on Pensacola Beach and the entire coastal community.  Within three working days, Phoenix’s shop facilities were operational and crews were dispatched to several properties which had requested  in advance the services of Phoenix as their General Contractor of choice to perform complete facility restoration.  Tristan Towers, Starboard Village, Santa Rosa Tower and Boardwalk Condominiums are some of the major clients which Phoenix  brought from the brink of disaster and returned them to fully functional properties.